Carbon Pro Line DOOR


DOOR 59: 159 x 45 cm – 2,2 kg
MONSTER DOOR 66: 166 x 50 cm – 2,5 kg
All kiteboards come with a handle and a set of 4 fins

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Hold it, Ride it, Feel it!

THE Ultimate Utra-lightwind kiteboard

The Carbon Pro DOOR is the benchmark in lightwind kiteboarding.

The carbon ultra-lightweight construction pushes performance and weight to the extreme. A riding experience and freedom that won’t let you go.


Range of use of the Carbon Pro DOOR


Highlights of the Carbon Pro DOOR in detail

Minimal weight

Like all kiteboards in the Carbon Pro Line, the SESSION is made with the high-end X³ carbon layer. The non-woven carbon fibres distribute forces optimally and build up extremely flat, which significantly reduces the use of resin. The monoconcave bottom of the DOOR 59 and MONSTER DOOR further maximizes the lightweight construction. The resulting weight is extremely noticeable at all times. Carbon Pro boards are livelier, much easier to turn and convey an indescribable feeling in the air.

Unbelievable low end

For decades, the SPLEENE DOOR has stood for maximum twintip low-end. With the Carbon Pro DOORs, the low-end is taken to the extreme. The minimum weight ensures the easiest planing and upwind riding in the most difficult conditions. No twintip shape gives you more performance and no construction gives you more riding pleasure in the lowest wind range.

Outstanding upwind riding

The large surface area, the low weight, as well as the bottom shape on the kiteboard give the Carbon Pro DOORs maximum planing performance. A light breeze is enough and off you go. With a Carbon Pro DOOR, you can ride through wind holes with ease. The upwind performance of the DOORs is awesome. The concave outline lets you ride upwind absolutely easy and it will be a pleasure every session.

Ultra-direct feeling

Super lightweight, optimal construction and the 3D milled wood core provide an ultra-direct riding experience. The direct feedback is in no comparison to a conventional fibreglass kiteboard. The playful control and maximum agility take you to a new level of kiteboarding.

Maximum acceleration

Top speed in just a few seconds! Like a racing car, the Carbon Pro DOOR pulls away with immense acceleration. The speed rush never stops and the Carbon Pro DOOR reaches a very high top speed. Perfect for speed freaks.

Handcrafted in Germany

Each Carbon Pro Board is individually manufactured. Highest precision and experience in handling resin and carbon enable the extreme performance and weight values.

What technology is behind the SPLEENE Carbon Pro DOOR?

Half a decade of experience has gone into the Carbon Pro line. The latest generation combines all development highlights and innovations

Monoconcave bottom

The bottom of the Carbon Pro DOORs has a monoconcave. After numerous tests with different hull constructions, the monoconcave with ultra-light carbon construction achieves the best performance in light winds. The concave is deeper in the center of the board and flattens out towards the tips to ensure the best turning ability.

X³ Carbon Construction

A carbon fabric specially developed for SPLEENE is used in the Carbon Pro Line. The fibers are not intertwined but arranged as a scrim. This allows the minimum use of resin with the most efficient flow of forces. The combination of the carbon layers in -30° | 0° | +30° optimally distributes torsional forces, far better than conventional 45° configurations.

The production takes place by hand in Germany to ensure the greatest possible care in the manufacturing process.

Center Reinforcements

High-end carbon kiteboards are manufactured at the construction limit in order to weigh as little as possible. The Carbon Pro kiteboards are specially reinforced at the critical points in the pad area. This allows optimal durability and security against breakage.

Concave outline in the center

The outline of the Carbon Pro DOOR has a concave in the center and enables the best upwind properties. The waterway becomes longer and the board has less drift. In addition, the flex in the board creates a geometry that effortlessly keeps it upwind. The curved outline on the tips also gives the board a playful board feel and ensures excellent grip in carved turns.

Spider Frame 3D Deck

The upper side of the Carbon Pro DOOR and MONSTER DOOR is constructed in the Spider Frame 3D contour. Forces are optimally absorbed and distributed. In addition, additional weight can be saved. The structure determines the exact flex of the Carbon Pro Boards. The kiteboard gets its playful riding feel and always offers excellent grip in carved turns.

Wood Core

All SPLEENE Kiteboarding Carbon Pro Line kiteboards are produced with a CNC milled wooden core. Thanks to the outstanding damping properties of wood, the SPLEENE kiteboards are very comfortable to ride and protect the joints for many hours. With the ultra-light Carbon Pro Boards we don’t do without the unsurpassed material wood. Even if foam cores achieve better values ​​in terms of weight, the driving experience of wood remains unsurpassed.

Straps, pads and fins

The SPLEENE straps, pads and fins are perfectly matched to SPLEENE kiteboards. The pads are anatomically adapted to the foot and provide an extra good grip thanks to the toe edge. For the straps, we offer the standard straps with velcro and the pro straps with ratchets. All straps allow different mounting positions and can be individually adjusted. The SPLEENE kiteboarding fins are made of extra hard G10 material for best performance.

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