Radical Style Line RS

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RS 35 : 135 x 41 cm 3 kg
RS 38 : 138 x 42,5 cm 3,2 kg
All kiteboards come with a handle and a set of 4 fins

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Unleash your power!

Maximum power in your kiteboard and in you!

The SPLEENE RS is your instrument

You love to drive with a lot of pressure and to “boost yourself out” radically.

Then RS is definitely your thing! In Kiteboarding Freestyle, Wakestyle and also on the cable.

Range of use of the SPLEENE RS

Highlights of the RS in detail

Freestyle/Wakestyle Kiteboard

The RS has one goal above all else – to take you up in the air with maximum power and set you down again in the best possible way. The RS kiteboard is uncompromisingly geared towards freestyle and wakestyle action and was designed in all details for this use.

The Performance Shape, the 3-Stage-Rocker and the Power Grip Channel create the ultimate tool for your freestyle and wakestyle action. You have a powerful and robust kiteboard with a stiff setup and ultra-direct feedback. Your landings will be as soft as butter and even your freeride session will be a pleasure. With a low weight of 3.2 kg, the RS 38 allows you to perform rotations and board offs with ease. The heavy-duty grindbase makes the bottom almost indestructible – no matter where you go over it.

Maximum edge control & pop

With a lot of pressure in the kite, you need a kiteboard that you can easily control and load to the maximum. This is the only way you can shoot yourself out of the water with maximum power and start your moves. Thanks to the stiff setup, the energy of the RS goes into the jump and catapults you powerfully through your trick.

The distinctive rocker makes the ride through choppy water comfortable. So you can always “hold” the edge even in difficult conditions. The massive rails are dynamically shaped and taper off in the transition to the tips. This allows an optimal combination of stiffness and flex. The performance-aggressive outline gives you a lot of surface area and creates the powerful pop. All this makes up the new Performance Shape of the RS.

Comfortable landing

“What goes up, comes down again” – this applies to the highest Big Air jump as well. To bring you down optimally, the RS offers you a distinctive rocker. This enables a comfortable landing, which is easy on your muscles and knees. The Power Grip Bottom gives you the necessary guidance. You can easily make corrections instead of being guided in one direction like on rails.

Pleasant upwind riding

The RS collects many plus points even in freeride. The 3-Stage-Rocker gives the WAKE a good planing performance and the Power Grip Bottom, in combination with the fins, lets you pull height cleanly. The Performance Shape with its massive rails lets you pull radical radii through the water.

No Spray

The rails of the RS Kiteboard are shaped with a tucked under edge, a bend in the rounded rail at the center section. That eliminates any spray. In addition, the kiteboard rides smoother through chop.

Cable-Park genes

You enjoy cable parks? The RS too! When designing the RS it was always the goal to have a kiteboard that works perfectly on the cable. The Power Grip Bottom and Performance Shape make it possible. You can use the RS uncompromisingly as a wakeboard. Remove the fins and off you go’. Thanks to the heavy-duty grindbase it’s easy to get over obstacles.


What technology is behind the SPLEENE RS?

Carbon X-Layer

All RS Kiteboards have diagonally arranged carbon stripes, which radically eliminate torsion and generate clearly more Pop.

Advanced Jet Bottom

This Shape-Detail describes a double concave channel on the base side of the board. It allows the board to plane more freely and earlier. The profile of the double concave is not a simple radius. The Spleene developed Advanced Jet Bottom has a parabolic shape, Compared to a normal double concave the Advanced Jet Bottom provides significantly more “edge bite” as it channels the waterflow along its edges. Especially in choppy conditions the difference is very noticeable. When
landing the water surface will be broken up by the bottom of the board and allows a smooth landing.

Beveled Rail

A slightly lift edgewise at the base side which generates a lot more comfort. Kiteboarders benefit from this shape especially in choppy conditions.

Stepless 3D Deck

Stepless 3D-Shape on top side, All transitions are without any step. This results simultaneously in a clear reduction of weight.

Wood Core

Il Spleene RS Line kiteboards are produced with a form-glued, CNC-milled woodcore, The woodcore is additionally reinforced around the inserts.

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RS 35, RS 38

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